Art Rental and Sales Service

Since its creation in 1967 for Canada’s Centennial, the Art Rental and Sales Service has taken an active role in promoting and sharing art within the community. Over 110 contemporary works of art are made available to the public for rent or purchase every year.

176 Du Bord-du-Lac – Lakeshore Road
Pointe-Claire, Quebec  H9S 4J7
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Monday to Friday: 1 to 5 p.m.
Wednesday: 1 to 9 p.m.
Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday: 1 to 5 p.m.

Every year, the Art Rental and Sales Service updates its collection and invites artists to submit their works of art to panel members. The selected works of art, which include drawings, paintings, photographs, engravings and mixed media pieces, are initially put on exhibit at the Art Gallery and are then made available for sale or rent.

It is a simple, affordable way to enhance your decor!

Individuals and corporations

Rental fees 3% of the artwork’s purchase price
$6 to $30
Rental period 4 weeks

The Art Rental and Sales Service is also available for audiovisual or event production companies. For costs related to this service,  please call 514-630-1221, extension 1721, or email

Call for submissions

Discover the 2018 collection

The 2018 collection of the Art Rental and Sales Service will be available soon.



Almond, Terri
Alpha, Hannah
Archambault, Eugénie
Attal, Elke
Bariteau, Louise
Beiruti, Aline
Berg, Ingrid
Bergeron, Hugo
Blaukopf, Shari
Boire, Robert
Boisvert, Manon
Boivin, Jean-François
Brabander, Danielle
Bradley-Walker, Norma
Brzezinski, Alex
Brucel, Jean-François
Buali, Zahra
Buist, Véronique
Cain, Carolyn
Caron-Lefebvre, Philippe
Chagnon-Côté, Véronique
Chapeau, Sylvia
Charto, S.
Chouinard, Diane
Cope, Virginia
Côté, Manon
Creasey Brown, Linda



Dagenais-St-Hilaire, Lise
Daudelin, Éric
De Couto Costa, Stéphanie
Deiss, Hilda
Denis, Linda
Derouin, René
Déry, Cara
Desjardins, Jane
Doré Brunet, Nicole
Dubreuil, Heather
Dubuc, Carmen
Duval, Marie-Chloé
Falardeau, Louis
Farish, Catherine
Feddal, Berirouche
Fleury, Josée
Fowler, Susan
Galarneau, Sarah
Garneau, Sébastien
Gibbon Taillefer, Fiona
Gibson Silver, Charmian
Girard, Pierre-Yves
Gobeil, Valérie
Goldstein Mintz, Mariam
Goodarzi, Alireza
Goodrow, Reine
Goulet, Marilyse
Grainger, Susan
Guy, Mary Martha



Harper, Valerie
Headland, Ronald
Henry, Pierre
Hewlett, Elisabeth
Hill, Muriel
Homes, Laurel Anne
Holmes, Marc Taro
Hopkins, Willow
Hurtubise, Jacques
Jutras, Diane
Kiernander, Trevor
Klauber, Sherry
Klugerman, Judith
Labelle, Ben
Lacroix, Mathieux
Lafrance, Joanne
Lambert, Julie, Bénédicte
Langeder, Helmut
Lapointe, Sophie
Lapointe Thibault, Alexandre
Lassere, Ivan
Latulippe, Hélène
Lauzon, Danielle
Lavigueur, Guy
Lazarus, Judy
Lefebvre, Chantal
Lieberman, Cody
Lindsay, Doreen
Lortie, Antoine
Lussier, Onira



MacDonald, Dorothy
Magnano, Olga Inés
Marenger, Bernard
Martin, Lynton H.
McCall, Ann
McVicar, Lindsay
Meillon, Sylvia
Meredith, Michele
Mitra, Jianfar
Montanari, Giuliana
Moreno Tamariz, Javier
Morris Patricia
NL, Nadia
Ottati, Renata
Perrault, Elisabeth
Picard, Lysanne
PIchon, Ilana
Polan, Lyndon
Pon Layus, Marianne
Poulin, Francine
Rae Wloski, Jackie
Raymond-Amyot , Hélène
Richards, Madeline
Rinoldo, Josie
Rivest, Laurence
Rolland, Cristine



Sala, Barbara
Samoukova, Yelena
Savoie, Robert
Scheffer, Jennifer
Schuler, Jennifer
Segovia, Javiera
Séguin, Roxanne
Shemie, Bonnie
Sibthorpe, Madeleine
Simmons, Barbara
Simons, Lucie
Smith Baran, Muriel
Sorge, Bernice
Srigley, Patricia
Steinhouse, Tobie
Strater, Suzanne
Szilasi, Gabor
Thibault, Geneviève
Turnier, Michèle
Vaillancourt, Yves
Virani, Aquil
Williamson, Ben
Wolfstein-Joseph, Annette


To receive calls for submission for the Art Rental and Sales Service, click HERE to sign up.

If you have any questions about the Art Rental and Sales Service, please call 514-630-1221, extension 1721, or email

To sign up for the call for submissions, please email