Community Repair Café

  • On November 9 at 1:00PM
  • Central Library Find address
  • Free
  • Registration required at the library

Our experienced repair people, or “Fixers,” will work on your items, repairing them if they can, and often giving you useful advice. Coffee will be served.

• Bring items small enough to be carried in.
• No items that are leaking, contain gasoline, or give off a strong odour.
• There are no guarantees that an item can be fixed or won’t be made worse during the repair. You must stay during the repair.

Examples of items

Lamps, vacuums, sewing machines, computers, digital devices, CD players, blenders.

Chairs, tables, drawers, door or window screens, ornaments, toys, tools.

Pants, dresses, shirts, jackets,


Registration required at the library. Please mention what you are bringing so that the “fixers” can be prepared.
Information: 514-630-1218,