• December 5 to January 17
  • Stewart Hall Gallery Find address
  • Free

2015 Exhibition

Claude Millette and David Newkirk

Originally from Saint-Hyacinthe, Claude Millette has been making steel sculptures for more than thirty years, using the material to constantly explore themes of captivity and movement. Millette has mastered this metal to the point where his works seem to defy the laws of gravity and balance. His sculptures’ dynamic and organic lines contrast rigidity with suppleness and are steeped in emotion. Echoing Millette’s sculptures, the abstract paintings of Toronto artist David Newkirk also contrast suppleness and rigidity, combining expressive and intuitive brush strokes with orderly, methodically applied elements. His large-scale, colourful works have a modernist slant, conveying the artist’s personal language and graphic quest. David Newkirk’s paintings engage in an ongoing, intimate and lively conversation with Claude Millette’s sculptures.

Verbissage: Sunday, December 6, 2 p.m.