Imagined Futures

  • January 23 to March 6
  • Stewart Hall Art Gallery Find address
  • Free

2016 Exhibition

Daniel Corbeil – Thomas Kneubühler – Tristram Lansdowne – Ana Rewakowicz – Jolanta Sprawka

Environmental utopias and dystopias, often constructed as a reaction to socio-ecological crisis and its potential solution(s), are areas of increasing interest for artists. Imagined Futures presents the work of artists dealing with environmental utopias as forms of liberation in relation to climate change and its causes. Creating imaginary geographies and infrastructures that combine synthetic and natural elements, the artists present solutions to preserve nature and ensure our survival. In each of their works there is a desire to analyze and understand, and a utopian narrative that challenges the current environmental discourse. Installations, photographs and paintings all examine ecology and today’s socio-environmental discourse, often with a view to the future. These works are designed to sustain a process of thinking characterized by hope, reverie and inventiveness, one that places the viewer at the heart of fundamental and creative discourse.

Verbissage: Sunday, January 24, 2 p.m.