March 3 to April 29 | Exhibitions

Lysanne Picard and Joanna Chelkowska: The Possibility of an Island

Exhibitions and Workshops for Kids

The Possibility of an Island is a sequence of drawings based on an ever-changing island. Presented as an animated short, this project by Lysanne Picard and Joanna Chelkowska is a quest for a common territory for their drawing talent and their artistic practices. This territory takes the shape of an island, an empty space with boundaries and a performative border in which they take turns making their mark with their ink and paintbrushes. The island travels from one set of hands to the other while gradually transforming.

Animated .gif Creative Workshop: The Island of All Possibilities

Saturday, March 10, 1:30 to 3 p.m. / Age 8 and up
Free. Passses required.

Inspired by the drawing animation The Possibility of an Island by Lysanne Picard and Joanna Chelkowksa, participants will work in teams to create a short animation lasting a few seconds: drawings of playful dreams, aliens on a bike, flying unicorns, and giant cacti will come to life on an island of all possibilities.
With Lysanne Picard and Joanna Chelkowska