Council members

Pointe-Claire City Council consists of the mayor and eight councillors representing eight electoral districts. Council members meet on a regular basis during Council meetings or at various committees


Mr. John Belvedere



District 1, Cedar/Le Village
Mr. Claude Cousineau, 2nd term

District 2, Lakeside
Mr. Paul Bissonnette, 4rd term

District 3, Valois
Ms. Kelly Thorstad-Cullen, 2nd term

District 4, Cedar Park Heights
Ms. Tara Stainforth

District 5, Lakeside Heights
Ms. Cynthia Homan, 2nd term

District 6, Seigniory
Mr. David Webb

District 7, Northview
Mr. Eric Stork

District 8, Oneida
Mr. Brent Cowan