Summer Waste Management Squad

The Squad is criss-crossing the streets of Pointe-Claire on bicycle all summer to promote good environmental practices.


In its 2020 waste management report for the Island of Montréal, Pointe-Claire surpassed the government’s waste recovery targets.

Pointe-Claire recovered 78% of its recyclables and bulky items as well as construction and renovation waste, surpassing the government’s 70% target. For the recovery of organic waste, Pointe-Claire again surpassed the government’s target of 60%, with a result of 66%.

Due to the pandemic, the quantity of landfill waste on the Island of Montréal increased by 3%, while the percentage was 1.2% for Pointe-Claire, where landfill tonnage has steadily decreased over the last decade.

The Waste Management Squad is available all summer to help continue to reduce the volume of waste material collected without added value,

Do you need information about sorting, household composting, the kitchen cone, or which materials are accepted in the City’s various collections? Would you like advice on how to participate in the organic waste collection? The Waste Management Squad is here to help.

The Squad will be available for telephone consultations, help with sorting at home and during City events.



For more information or to make an appointment with a member of the Squad, contact Public Works at 514-630-1230 or