2024 Road Safety Campaign

Road safety, I do my part!

In 2022, 28,715 car accidents occurred in Quebec, 1,667 of which resulted in serious injury or death, according to recent statistics by the SAAQ. To spread awareness for the importance of road safety, the City of Pointe-Claire is re-introducing the “Road safety, I do my part!” campaign.

This 2024 road safety campaign aims to raise awareness for the importance of sharing the road and the right actions to take while driving, biking or on foot. Throughout the summer, various sensitization messages will be broadcast on the City’s electronic billboards and shared on social media. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight the various actions and behaviours our residents can take in an effort to lower the risk of road accidents. The campaign will be entirely digital in an effort to remain environmentally friendly.

Road safety affects all of us, whether you are behind the wheel or on foot. As a community, we must strive to be vigilant, safe and respect the rules of the road.

Campaign Strategies

This year’s campaign will highlight the appropriate road safety behaviors to adopt, while also promoting new strategies to raise awareness for the importance of exercising caution and courtesy.

Our campaign will promote road safety through various avenues:

  • Weekly themed social media posts discussing appropriate and safe road habits, road accident statistics, and other educational content;
  • Creation of this new website page with an abundance of information regarding the campaign, including strategies, objectives, and road safety precautions;
  • Installation of speed radars throughout the territory to enforce safer driving speeds, especially in school zones and areas with high foot traffic;
  • Implement new educational content for a younger demographic who is not of driving age, but is nevertheless affected by road safety;
  • And much more.

Road Report

Contrary to popular belief, recent SAAQ statistics revealed that all age groups are all equally susceptible to fatal car accidents.

  • Aged 15 to 24: 12.2%
  • Aged 25 to 34: 14.5%
  • Aged 35 to 44: 12.7%
  • Aged 55 to 64: 16.1%
  • Aged 65 to 74: 14.2%
  • Aged 75 and older: 14.7%

With 392 deaths in road-related accidents in Quebec last year, it is important to remain vigilant, employ safe driving habits and respect the rules of the road. In doing so, you are not only lowering your chances of being injured, but you are also protecting all those in your community who also benefit from your good road safety habits.

Safety Precautions for Drivers, Bikers or Pedestrians

Staying vigilant, safe and avoiding any potential accidents on the road as a driver:

  • I slow down: When nearing a school zone, or when entering a residential area with a high volume of foot traffic, I slow down.
  • I am courteous: When nearing a crosswalk, or stop sign, I ensure that there are no pedestrians nearby. If a pedestrian or biker wishes to cross the street at a designated area, I am courteous.
  • I respect the signs: When driving, I am aware of the area’s speed limit, and I make full stops at stop signs. I respect the signs.

Staying vigilant, safe and avoiding any potential accidents on the road as a biker:

  • I make my stops: Even though I am a biker, I am a vehicle sharing the road with other vehicles. To avoid any collisions or road accidents, I make my stops.
  • I am visible: When travelling in days with low visibility or less sunlight, I am wearing bright or reflective clothing. To ensure other vehicles on the road see me, I am visible.
  • I share multi-purpose paths: As a biker, I not only share the road with other vehicles but I also share paths with other bikers and pedestrians. I share multi-purpose paths.

Staying vigilant, safe and avoiding any potential accidents on the road as a pedestrian:

  • I am visible: When crossing the street, I not only ensure to be visible to the driver, but I also make eye contact with them. Sharing a glance with the driver confirms that they have seen me, and that I am visible.
  • I cross the street at the right place: When walking, I make sure to cross the street at designated crosswalks, allowing cars to see me and for them to make a full stop. To stay safe, I cross the street at the right place.
  • I am alert: It is important to be aware of your surroundings, especially when crossing the street. Being vigilant and aware of oncoming traffic means I am alert.


Educational Visuals and Drawings For Kids

Younger demographics are just as much at risks of road accidents, which is why they should be aware of the dangers of improper road safety. The “Road safety, I do my part!” campaign will have interactive, comic book-style imagery that will faciliate learning and road safety sensitization for kids.

The campaign also utilizes colouring books with road safety messages for young residents to educate them on the basic rules of the road, and on how to remain vigilant, curtious and safe while crossing the street, biking and sharing paths. To dowload a drawing, click here.

Resources To Learn More


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