Molinari Quartet – Soundscapes

  • On January 27 at 3:00PM
  • Stewart Hall Find address
  • Passes required




This concert will present works that reflect the colours and aspects of nature: rustic images inspired by Dompierre, bird songs inspired by Schafer, and impressionistic light inspired by Ravel. The quartet will also showcase two contemporary Canadian compositions which are sure to please all audiences.

Works: François Dompierre (1943), Par quatre chemins; R. Murray Schafer (1933), String Quartet No. 10 Winter Birds (2005); Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), Quartet in F (1903).

Olga Ranzenhofer, artistic director, violin; Antoine Bareil, violin; Frédéric Lambert, viola; Pierre-Alain Bouvrette, cello