Consultation meeting in anticipation of work in Pointe-Claire Village as of 2023

June 1, 2022

The City of Pointe-Claire is planning major work starting in 2023 on Du Bord-du-Lac ― Lakeshore Road, in Pointe-Claire Village, between Victoria and Du Golf Avenues, in order to upgrade the sewer, waterworks and storm drainage system pipes, which reached the end of their useful life, and to rebuild the road. This work will be spread over a minimum of two years.

In addition to upgrading the municipal infrastructure, which dates back to 1960, we want to allow the entire community to share its opinion on the future development of Pointe-Claire Village. To do this, the City will hold in mid-June a series of consultation meetings to present two street design concepts to merchants in the area and interested citizens. Following this presentation, everyone will be invited to ask questions and choose one of the two proposed concepts.

With the vision of promoting an ever more inclusive living environment, the City will propose a first concept of a two-way street with maximized parking, and a second concept of a complete one-way street with more spaces for vegetation and pedestrians. The two proposed designs will be presented in detail during the consultation meeting, for which it is mandatory to register using the online form below. Note that it will also be possible to make a choice of the preferred design concept on the Pointe-Claire, It’s Who We Are! citizen consultation platform from June 14 to 28, 2022.

Registration is now over.