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Outdoor exhibition: Anahita Norouzi



Artist Anahita Norouzi created the series Other Landscapes from the immigration stories of people from former colonized countries in Southwest Asia (the “Middle East”) and Africa. Inspired by her own displacement, the artist asked each participant to share stories about the personal objects they chose to bring with them. These objects, which Norouzi has arranged into still life compositions, form portraits of each person she has interviewed. All linked to the geography of a specific location, these portraits become landscapes that reflect the migration stories they tell.

For the Displaced Gardens series, the participants were invited to ask their families in their home country to mail the artist dried plants native to their lands, but classified as “foreign” and “invasive” in Canada. Through this body of work, Norouzi explores the legacy of botanical exploration, plant collection, and documentation inherited from colonial scientific expeditions.

This project is a continuation of the exhibition Entre les lignes ─ Writing Mountains which was presented at the Stewart Hall Art Gallery from March 18 to May 28, 2023.

Curator: Manel Benchabane