Low-flush toilets

You want to make an eco-responsible gesture? Why not replace your standard toilet with a low-flow model?

Please note that the grant program for low-flush toilets will end on Friday, December 13, 2019.  Only applications submitted before this date will be accepted, even if the purchase date is prior to this date.

Why should you replace your standard toilet?

To reduce your water consumption

  • Standard toilets consume 13 litres of water while low-flush toilets consume 4.8 or less.
  • Replacing 1,000 standard toilets saves 18 million litres of water every year.

Which model should you buy?

All low-flush high-efficiency toilets (single- or duel- flush) that use a maximum of 4.8 litres or less per flush are eligible under the program. We recommend a toilet with a MaP (Maximum performance) score higher than 1,000 g of waste removed in a single flush.

You can receive up to $90 when you replace a standard toilet with a low flush model, with a maximum of two toilets per address a year.

How can you participate?

Please complete the grant application form and email it with the required documents to urbanisme@pointe-claire.ca, or fill out the form in person at the City Hall multiservice counter at 451 Saint-Jean Boulevard.


Downloadable documents


For more information, contact the Planning Department at 514-630-1206.