Major construction sites in 2021

Once again this year, the City will continue to invest in renovating and maintaining municipal infrastructures at a substantial pace in order to guarantee that streets, sidewalks, and public utilities are in good condition for the next 50 years.

Request for information on hookups in your home to plan the reconstruction of water supply and sewer systems

Please fill out the form and return it to us by the date mentionned in the letter, either by e-mail at, in person at Pointe-Claire City Hall, or by mail at:

Engineering and Buildings Department

451 Saint-Jean Boulevard

Pointe-Claire, Québec H9R 3J3

Reconstruction of the roadway od Du Plateau Avenue

Civil work Beginning August to October 2021

Explanatory video:

Reconstruction of Clearview Avenue

Civil work Mid-September to en October 2021

Budget: $1,193,867


  • Replace the existing water main and residential service connections
  • Replace the existing lighting with new LED lighting. The lighting will be adjusted and focused towards the street to improve visibility.
  • Add an underground storm sewer network
  • Backfill the ditches and install secondary catch basins (in the grass) when required
  • Remove the existing secondary drainage under driveways
  • Reconstruct the roadway
  • Add a curb on both sides of the street
  • Restore the site and mark the pavement

Reconstruction of Hartford and Robinsdale avenues

Civil work May to September 2021
Landscaping work September 2021
Laying of the second layer of asphalt June 2022

Budget: $2,865,000

Explanatory video:

Reconstruction of de Windward Crescent and Field avenues

Work End of May to September 2021

Budget: $2,380,250

Explanatory video:

Reconstruction of the roadway of Delmar Avenue

Between Braebrook and Saint-Louis avenues

Work June to August 2021

Budget: $ 1,183,000

Explanatory video:

Reconstruction of Brunet Avenue

Between Sainte-Claire and Julien avenues

Preparatory work Mid-July
Civil work August to November

Budget: $1,585,000

Explanatory video:

General information

General information for all construction sites

Certificate of authorization - Planning Department

To widen your driveway or replace the service connections (from the house to the property line) you must submit your request to the Planning Department.

Processing time for a full application: 30 days

Information on permits



For the collections, leave your bins, bags of leaves, bulky and mattresses, sofas and armchairs at the end of your driveway before 7 a.m. the day of the collection. The contractor is responsible for moving them in order for your waste to be collected.

Waste collection calendar and guide


A  claim must be sent within 15 days to the Legal Affaires and City Clerk`s office. You may take date stamped pictures of the interior and exterior of your residence before the start of the construction.

Information on claims

Residents with reduced mobility

If you or another resident in the work zone has limited mobility or any other issue that may be impacted by the work, please contact the Engineering Department at 514-630-1208 or at

We will work with the contractor in assisting the individuals affected.


If you are planning a move, we ask that you please contact the Engineering Department at 514-630-1208 or at as soon possible so that we can coordinate a schedule that works for everyone.

Watering the grass

The contractor will lay sod in the areas indicated by the site supervisor. The City holds a guarantee for all the work carried out by the contractor. Maintenance  of the new lawn is the responsibility of the residents.


The City and contractor will follow the new CNESST standards for COVID-19 while ensuring the safety of all people on site, including residents.

Thank you for keeping a two metre distance from all personnel on site at all times.