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150 new plants in Terra-Cotta Natural Park

Around 20 citizens took part in planting 150 plants in Terra-Cotta Park this past November, thereby helping to conserve this 40-hectare woodland that has great ecological value.

The planting made it possible to close off four unmarked trails that led to wetlands and to a section of the park where the vegetation was more rare. Southern Québec’s wetlands have to be protected in order to be conserved, and a simple action like this one carried out in Terra-Cotta Park can help maintain this type of ecosystem and the plant and animal species that live there.

To maintain and enhance the park’s biodiversity, different species were planted, such as red maple, white birch, Saskatoon berry, chokecherry and sweet viburnum.

This protection and conservation planting is in addition to 600 metres of unmarked trails being eliminated in 2016. These actions were carried out over nearly one third of the park’s entire area. These initiatives help protect this woodland with great ecological value and make it accessible for engaging in recreational activities that have low environmental impact.

Everyone can help in the conservation of Terra-Cotta Natural Park by staying on the established trails, putting waste in the bins placed at the park’s entrances, and refraining from removing any natural objects and from feeding the wild animals.

We thank all citizens who were involved in the planting, and we hope that you will come out in great numbers to join us for the next planting!

Citizens taking part in the planting