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2020 municipal taxes – Significant gains for property owners and budget growth limited to 1.8%

The City of Pointe-Claire recently sent its taxpayers a tax statement reflecting significant gains for Pointe-Claire property owners thanks to exceptional growth in the real estate market and a budget increase kept under inflation.

The quality of life in Pointe-Claire, its appeal and its location have fostered an exceptional average growth of 24% in residential property values. This represents a substantial gain for homeowners.

Despite this significant increase in home values, the average property tax increase in 2020 will be 2%, the equivalent of $74 for a typical single-family home in Pointe-Claire, whose value has risen from $395,400 in 2019 to $489,221 in 2020.

The variation in the property tax bill reflects assessment increases specific to various property types and neighbourhoods. Owners of a property whose value has increased more than the average will therefore see their property tax raised a little more than the average. Conversely, owners whose property value has increased less will see their property tax decrease slightly.

In its 2020 fiscal year, the City has once again demonstrated strict management aimed at continuously improving the quality and quantity of the services offered while maintaining citizens’ ability to pay. This year, a new measure was introduced to encourage and promote the development of small businesses, providing business people with a reduced tax rate for the first $1 million of their property value in 2020.

The municipal budget for the current year has been set at $147.1 million, an increase of $2.6 million or 1.8% over last year. These expenses include $64,750,400, or nearly 50% of the tax revenue, paid to the Ville de Montréal for agglomeration services, which include police, fire safety, public transit, water treatment, air quality, the municipal court and property assessment.

The City will invest $22 million in capital assets for projects that will benefit the entire community:

  • repair of seven streets
  • redevelopment of sports fields
  • construction of a new chalet at Grande-Anse park
  • replacement of docks giving access to Lake Saint-Louis
  • improvement of our sustainable development actions
  • implementation of special planning programs for the Pointe-Claire and Valois villages

In addition to your annual tax bill, the documents sent to you by regular mail or e-mail include a detailed brochure on the 2020 budget as well as an explanation sheet on the Ville de Montréal’s 2020–2022 assessment roll.

The first payment is due on February 3. For payment methods, click here. You can register online here. A $5 discount will be applied to your next tax bill.

Budget and municipal taxes brochure

Property assessment rolls brochure


Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca