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2022 municipal budget – Limited municipal tax bill increase below inflation

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Tim Thomas, and the members of City Council announced a limited property tax bill increase that is below the rate of inflation, during the adoption of the 2022 municipal budget at the extraordinary meeting on January 18.

For 2022, the average increase in the property tax bill will be 3.9%, which is below the 4.7% inflation rate.[1] This represents a $149 increase for an average single family home valued at $491,692. Moreover, businesses will continue to benefit from a reduced tax rate for the first $1 million of their property value in order to encourage the development of small businesses.

For 2022, the municipal budget will be $160.5 million, an increase of $9.2 million or 6.1%. Note that the significant $7.8 million increase in contributions payable to the Agglomeration of Montréal represents a large proportion of the net increase in the City’s expenses.

In 2022, the contributions to the Agglomeration of Montréal and the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal represent 53% of the City of Pointe-Claire’s tax revenue collected from its taxpayers. It is the largest expenditure item in the City of Pointe Claire’s budget, with no right of scrutiny or any real influence over the Montréal budget. These services include the police department, fire department, public transportation, water supply, wastewater treatment, water quality, air quality, the municipal court and the property assessment roll.

Last year, in the context of the pandemic, the City received a one-time sum of $3.9 million from the provincial government. These funds, which were placed in a reserve, enabled the City to limit the impact of the City of Montréal’s increase in the contributions on Pointe-Claire’s taxpayers.

In terms of the City of Pointe-Claire’s expenses, the enhancement of recreational facilities with a new sports centre, namely the former YMCA building, represents an amount of $3 million. This does not include anticipated revenue, estimated at $1 million. Our teams are working toward a spring opening. Moreover, following a rigorous budget exercise by all municipal departments and the administration, the $2.1 million growth in expenses is mostly attributable to an increase in the cost of certain contracts, particularly in the areas of waste management and insurance.

Last September, City Council adopted the Three-Year Capital Investment Program with an eye to continuing to carry out large-scale projects that will benefit the entire community. These projects are in addition to the City’s regular operations to maintain infrastructure and equipment in good working order, enrich municipal service offerings and improve quality of life.

“Our city has a promising future and we are going to work hard to continue to make Pointe-Claire an exceptional place to live for one and all, while limiting the growth of the municipal tax bill,” said Mayor Tim Thomas.


Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca

[1] Consumer Price Index, October 2021