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2023 Earth Day — Distribution of trees free of charge

To mark Earth Day, the City of Pointe-Claire will distribute, this spring, 575 trees to citizens who have reserved a tree. The reservation form will be available online on April 17 at noon. The first 100 people to reserve a tree can obtain a rain barrel at no cost.

The list of tree species is available since April 6.

Dates to remember to choose and reserve your tree:

When? Where? What?
April 6


https://www.pointe-claire.ca/fr/reservation-arbre-jour-terre/#block-1 List and description of tree species online.
April 13, 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 514-630-1230

Or at City Hall

Consultation with a specialist by telephone or in person at City Hall.
April 17, starting at noon https://www.pointe-claire.ca/en/tree-reservation-earth-day/ Start of online booking*

The first 100 people to reserve a tree online can obtain a rain barrel at no cost. It will be given at the same time as the tree on April 29.

April 23, 4:30 p.m. https://www.pointe-claire.ca/en/tree-reservation-earth-day/ End of reservation period.
April 29 Public Works yard Tree pickup.

*To reserve, make sure you have your MULTI card in hand

From April 22 to 29, the City is offering citizens a program to celebrate Earth Day. Several activities are planned. Consult the program: https://www.pointe-claire.ca/fr/reservation-arbre-jour-terre/#block-2.

Information: 514-630-1230, tp@pointe-claire.ca