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2024 Budget – Highlights

The Mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Tim Thomas, and members of the municipal council present a balanced and responsible budget when the 2024 municipal budget is adopted at a special meeting on December 18.

The 2024 budget for the City of Pointe-Claire increases from $173.2M to $181.5M, which represents a difference of $8.3M or 4.8%. Several factors contribute to this increase, the main one being the share of the Montreal agglomeration allocated to Pointe-Claire, which is once again up by $5M.

This growth in operating expenses is primarily due to higher contract costs, notably for snow removal, waste management, building maintenance and payroll.

In November, the municipal council adopted a three-year capital expenditure program of $35,390,000 for 2024, to improve infrastructures, support major projects and enhance the municipal offering for all citizens.

“I’m particularly proud of the work accomplished in the budget exercise for 2024. Our strategic plan has served as a guide in managing the expenses under our control, enabling us to assert and highlight a balanced and responsible budget, which will enable us to achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves. Every dollar invested contributes to the responsible development of our community, while helping to preserve the unique character of our city and, above all, the quality of our living environment. We know that every dollar increase will require additional efforts from all of us.” says Mayor Tim Thomas.

While the percentage increase in municipal taxes was 5.9% in 2023, it will be 3.9% in 2024, which represents a difference of $158 on the tax bill for an average household.  Every effort is made to ensure responsible and rigorous management of expenses under the control of the municipal administration