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A new environment and sustainable development advisory committee is formed in Pointe-Claire

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, and the members of City Council are pleased to introduce the members who will form the City of Pointe-Claire’s first Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee, chaired by Kelly Thorstad-Cullen, Councillor for District 3 – Valois.

“This initiative is part of our shared desire to make Pointe-Claire a city that places sustainable development at the heart of its priorities, both through our municipal actions and by promoting practices that contribute to protecting the environment among citizens,” the mayor said.

This working group made up of two members of City Council and citizens will provide advice and recommendations to City Council on matters pertaining to the environment and sustainable development.

“The new members all have a keen interest in the City of Pointe-Claire, the quality of life it offers and the environmental challenges facing municipalities. We wish them best of luck in their first mandate,” Mayor Belvedere concluded.

Welcome to the members of the new Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee:

Patricia Bove

Rebecca Anne Burns

Audrey Lapenna

Alyson Surveyer

Gary Spiller