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Adoption of the municipal budget, a significant increase in the average value of a single-family residence

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Tim Thomas and the members of City Council, announce a significant increase in the average value of a single-family residence during the adoption of the 2023 municipal budget in the special council meeting of December 19.

The last assessment roll filed by the City of Montreal last September reflected the dynamism of the markets over the last three years, and showed an important growth in the value of residential properties in Pointe-Claire. For 2023, the rise represents an increase in value of more than 42% of the average single-family home, which now stands at $674,216. When we add to this value the average tax increase of 5.9%, it represent approximately $227.

The municipal budget of $173.2 million increases by $12.7 million or 7.88% compared to 2022. There is a significant increase in the Montreal agglomeration share of $5.8 million or 8.1% for the City of Pointe-Claire.

The shares represent 53% of our tax revenue. For each tax dollar collected, 53¢ goes to the agglomeration. These services include the police, fire safety, public transport, drinking water production, wastewater treatment, water quality, air quality, municipal court and property assessment.

Following a rigorous budgetary exercise by all departments and the administration, the 3.3% growth in operating expenses is mainly characterized by the increase in certain contracts, particularly in waste management, purchase of salt, insurance and IT equipment contracts.

In addition, earlier this year, City Council adopted the Three-Year Capital Investment Program of $29.6 million to support the development of major projects that will benefit the entire community.

The City of Pointe-Claire’s 2023 budget is part of an economic setting in inflation mode, in a market where the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Canada was 6.9% as of October 31, 2022. The City Council has ensured the maintenance of a tax rate of 5.9%, lower than the CPI, in order to control as much as possible the impact of these increases on the citizen’s bill.

“We know that these increases require additional efforts from all of us. We are entering a new era of municipal management that must anticipate the impact of climate change on the daily lives of people, services and infrastructures while preparing the future for the generations to come. We must question the actions we take and foresee the consequences of our decisions on our environment, on our health and on the quality of life of all the citizens of our City. In the coming months, we will continue to work very hard to preserve Pointe-Claire’s exceptional living environment,” said Mayor Tim Thomas.