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Adoption of the Three-Year Capital Investment Program — Investments of $25 million in 2022 to improve infrastructure and enhance the municipal service offer

POINTE-CLAIRE, September 30, 2021—At an extraordinary meeting held on Tuesday, City Council adopted the 2022–2024 Three-Year Capital Investment Program, which includes investments of $25 million in 2022 to improve infrastructure and enhance the municipal service offer.

“In 2022, we plan on continuing to invest in major projects that will benefit the entire community, including repairs to several streets, improvements to parks and green spaces and municipal buildings, and new projects to improve quality of life for everyone,” Mayor John Belvedere said.

In terms of municipal infrastructure, repairs are planned for six streets: Aurora, Wilton, de Windward Crescent south, Chanteclerc (in collaboration with the City of Dorval), Bancroft and Des Sources Boulevard near Highway 40, under an agreement to be reached with the Réseau express métropolitain. In 2022, work will begin on the pedestrian bridge at the Des Sources overpass above Highway 20, in conjunction with the work by the Ministère des Transports in the area.

In terms of parks and green spaces, a mini-splash pad is planned for Augusta Park, and accessible washrooms will be built at the new Tony-Proudfoot Park. The two synthetic surfaces at the Terra-Cotta Park sports fields, which are at the end of their useful life, will also be replaced with new surfaces, which are also synthetic. These surfaces, which are very popular and appreciated by associations, provide more than 1,300 hours of activities per year compared to a grass surface, which provides 225 hours. An amount has also been earmarked in 2022 for lighting, planting and greening work on the new park in the Walton sector planned for 2023, following a public consultation process.

In terms of municipal buildings, investments are planned in order to continue to meet today’s needs and standards. In terms of equipment, we are also aiming to replace certain street maintenance equipment, and our teams are evaluating and prioritizing the acquisition of hybrid or electric vehicles where possible. In terms of street lighting, approximately 30% of public lighting in streets, parks and parking lots will be converted to LED by the end of 2021. The conversion will continue in the spring.

“Our priority remains the same: to continue to make Pointe-Claire an exceptional place to live for everyone by improving and enhancing our service offer for the community, while respecting our taxpayers’ ability to pay,” Mayor Belvedere concluded.

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