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Adoption of the Three-Year Capital Investment Program – Investments of $29.6 million in 2023 to improve infrastructure and enhance the municipal service offer

At a special meeting held Tuesday October 4, City Council adopted the 2023–2025 Three-Year Capital Investment Program, which includes investments of $29.6 million in 2023 to improve infrastructure, support major projects and enhance the municipal service offer.

“We plan on continuing to invest next year to carry out projects that will benefit the entire community, these projects include repair to several streets, improvements to parks and green spaces and work on municipal buildings in order to continue to improve quality of life for everyone” Mayor Tim Thomas said.

In terms of municipal infrastructure, repairs are planned for five streets, namely Du Bord-du-Lac Lakeshore Road near the Canoe Kayak Club, Winthrop Avenue, the service road north of Highway 40 and Des Sources boulevard (north of Chanteclerc Avenue). Work is also planned in cooperation with the City of Montreal on Bord-du-Lac-Lakeshore Road (between Lakeview and Lakeside Avenues), and Lakeside Avenue, including the construction of a bike path.  In 2023, repair work will begin on the Des Sources pedestrian bridge, and work on the Des Sources overpass on Highway 20 will continue, under the direction of the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ).

In terms of parks and green spaces, the cycling network will be extended with a section along Hymus Boulevard and connecting Alston and Stillview Avenues, behind the properties on Brigadoon Avenue. There are plans to secure the Northview Park ball diamond and to replace the lighting at the Clearpoint Tennis courts. An amount is planned for the installation of solar lighting on the Belmont Park trail, commonly know as Sunnyside Park. An amount will also be set aside for the development of a new park in the Walton sector.

In terms of municipal buildings, investments are planned in order to continue to meet today’s needs and standards, including the modernization of the Public Works building and the construction of new mechanical shops. For the vehicle fleet, we are also aiming to replace certain street maintenance equipment, and our teams are evaluating and prioritizing, where possible, the acquisition of hybrid or electric vehicles.

An amount is also provided for the renovation and restoration of the windmill, the City’s emblem, which is the property of the Archidiocese on Montréal.