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After a year…

I want to thank you for my first year as Mayor which, despite obstacles, has proven more fruitful than I could have imagined.

First, during the year, Pointe-Claire has hosted numerous wonderful and successful events including Strangers in the Night (which raised $300,000 for charity), Pointe-Claire Days, the West Island Blues Festival and many others.

We opened our new recreational facility and named it after our first female and possibly our most impactful mayor: Olive Urquhart.

Our shopping centres and commercial villages are protected from the pressures of hurried development, the “Fairview Forest” is under not one but two interim control measures and we are in the process of redeveloping our urban plan to better reflect the impact of environmental crisis and the need for affordable housing.

After decades, we finally have a workable deal negotiated for the maintenance and upkeep of our cherished windmill – the logo and emblem of our city.

We facilitated the mission transformation of a controversial project and,

Last but not least, we have just hired Karina Verdon as Pointe-Claire’s first female City Manager.

I am grateful to the citizens of Pointe-Claire whose support made this all possible.  Here’s hoping the upcoming year will be equally as fruitful.

Tim Thomas