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Appointment of City Council members to the City’s committees, groups and organizations

During the regular meeting last December, elected officials approved the appointment of City Council members and their roles on the City’s various committees, groups and organizations as well as on certain external committees.

“I’d like to thank the members of City Council for their participation on various committees. Each member will bring their expertise to the projects and files that have been assigned to them, which will help to enrich discussions,” said Pointe-Claire Mayor Tim Thomas.

These are the committees, groups and organizations and their representatives:

Pointe-Claire Aquatic Club Inc. Ms. Erin Tedford
Pointe-Claire Canoe Kayak Club Ms. Cynthia Homan
Public Library Advisory Committee Mr. Bruno Tremblay
Stewart Hall Advisory Board Ms. Cynthia Homan
Planning Advisory Committee Ms. Kelly Thorstad-Cullen (chair)
Mr. Erik Stork (observer)
Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee Ms. Kelly Thorstad-Cullen and Mr. Bruno Tremblay
Youth Advisory Board Ms. Tara Stainforth
Diversity and Social Inclusion Committee Ms. Tara Stainforth and Ms. Erin Tedford
Accessibility Committee Ms. Tara Stainforth
Public Art Advisory Committee Mr. Bruno Tremblay
Traffic Committee Mr. Paul Bissonnette (representative)
Ms. Cynthia Homan (substitute)
Demolition Committee Ms. Cynthia Homan (chair)

Mr. Brent Cowan

Ms. Erin Tedford

Mr. Paul Bissonnette (substitute)

Finance Committee Mr. Brent Cowan

Mr. Erik Stork

Emergency Measures Committee Mr. Brent Cowan
Retirement Committee Mr. Paul Bissonnette (representative)

Ms. Cynthia Homan (substitute)


External committees

Pointe-Claire Volunteer Rescue Unit Mr. Brent Cowan
Cadet Corps Pointe-Claire Mr. Brent Cowan
PME MTL West-Island Mr. Tim Thomas

Mr. Paul Bissonnette (substitute)

Association of Suburban Municipalities Mr. Tim Thomas
Agglomeration Council of Montréal Mr. Tim Thomas
Committees of the Agglomeration Council Mr. Tim Thomas

Information:  514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca