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Art under the open sky this summer in Pointe-Claire

This summer, art will continue to feature on Pointe-Claire’s outdoor landscape. In addition to the artworks already dispersed throughout the city, one exhibition and three artistic marking projects will be added to the mix in various locations.

In early July, a first artistic marking project saw the day on the path in Alexandre-Bourgeau Park running along Cartier Avenue by the artist Roadsworth. Entitled Sky Walk, this work painted directly on the ground covers some 465 m2. Two other artistic marking projects will be added in August in the space extending from the Bob-Birnie Arena to the Pointe-Claire Aquatic Centre, and in Valois Park. Citizens will be able to watch the artists in action!

These ephemeral art projects are an invitation for discovery, as passers-by have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the artwork, and to talk to the creators. These exchanges foster a deeper understanding and enable everyone to appropriate the works that will inhabit their landscape in the day to day.

Painted on the ground, these works are referred to as “ephemeral” because they last only as long as the environment permits, sooner or later disappearing under the impact of foot traffic and the weather.

Roadsworth, a Montrealer, has a long track record of urban art and his work has been shown all over the world. In addition to the path in Alexandre-Bourgeau Park, you will be able to experience his work in the space between the Aquatic Centre and the Bob-Birnie Arena.

The project in Valois Park will be produced in collaboration with MU, known in particular for their urban murals and cultural mediation initiatives.

Outdoor photo exhibition

Art is also the order of the day at Edgewater Park, in the form of an outdoor photo exhibition, with artists Hua Jin and James Nizam, both of whom were featured at the Stewart Hall Art Gallery in 2019. Five panels offer an opportunity to discover another facet of the work of these artists, whose works are part of the City’s permanent collection.