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Beginning of work at Fairview wooded area

Information for Pointe-Claire residents

On April 19, teams from the City of Pointe-Claire and Cadillac Fairview visited the wooded area behind the Cadillac Fairview Centre with the team representatives who will be installing a fence around the site. The purpose of this meeting was to ensure that the completion of the project would comply with by-laws and that a particular attention would be paid to the sensitive environment.

Both the Planning and Public Security teams confirm that the project complies with local regulations. The installation of the fence, beginning this week, will be carried out in stages, and spread out over course of three weeks.

Though the City of Pointe-Claire and its residents acknowledge the importance of the wooded area, this land is private, and the owner has the right to proceed with this fence installation. The City is responsible for ensuring that the project complies with all regulations before the work can be completed.

Cadillac Fairview intends to comply with the permit granted by the City and to respect all applicable standards and principles agreed to by the parties involved during the visit.