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Buddy’s Holiday scavenger hunt

For the Holidays, Buddy, the City of Pointe-Claire’s mascot, has a challenge for residents.

Buddy has again misplaced his Holiday treasures and needs you to help him find them.

Your mission: to go to Pointe-Claire and Valois villages to find the objects hidden outside various shops or in their windows. Look carefully! The objects will be tucked away in unexpected places! To participate, everyone is invited to take pictures of each of the hidden objects and upload them to the form on the platform Pointe-Claire, it’s who we are! . One form per family.

The residents who find all of the hidden objects run the chance of winning one of eight $50 gift cards from the participating store of their choice in Pointe-Claire or Valois villages.

Buddy thanks you for your help, encourages you to support local businesses and wishes you a successful scavenger hunt!