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Call for Applications: Public art Expert Pointe-Claire Public Art Committee

The City of Pointe-Claire is currently seeking a public art expert to serve on its new public art committee. This committee will be responsible for issuing recommendations to support the enhancement and promotion of the works already displayed on City’s territory and developing public art projects in partnership with the community.

Over the past few years, the City has funded major mural projects as well as other public works of art that have helped to enhance the public space. Harnessing the potential of public art as a community development tool, reinforcing citizens’ sense of belonging to their environment and their city, and embellishing the public space through artistic endeavours are the main objectives of this new committee.

The person sought possesses the following qualities and skills:

  • Recognized professional experience in public art and/or in the field of visual arts
  • Good understanding of public art issues and the integration of the arts in architecture and the municipal environment
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary committee and with people who do not necessarily work in an arts discipline (the committee is made up of citizens, local artists, an employee from the Planning Department, a city councillor and the manager of the Art Gallery).

Meeting frequency: This committee will meet four to five times a year to make recommendations on the City of Pointe-Claire’s various public art projects. Meetings will usually last two hours. Until further notice, meetings will be held by videoconference.

Professional fees: Remuneration will be provided.

The deadline to submit an application is November 6, 2020. Applications must include a cover letter and an updated resume.

Documents must be sent by e-mail to stewarthall@pointe-claire.ca or mailed to:

Selection Committee – Pointe-Claire Public Art Committee
176 Du Bord-du-Lac – Lakeshore Road
Pointe-Claire, Québec  H9S 4J7