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Consult your new Waste Collection Guide!

The Waste Collection Guide for the period from April 2020 to March 2021 is now up on the website. Mail distribution will take place this week.

The April special collections will go on as planned. We remind everyone to be vigilant and apply the principles of social distancing, especially during the Ecocentre day:

From June 2 to August 28, household waste will be collected weekly, on Tuesdays for sector A and Fridays for sector B.

The collection of upholstered items is now restricted to mattresses, sofas and armchairs only. Cushions and upholstered chairs must now be placed at the curb for the bulky item collection or be brought to an Ecocentre day.

Due to the circumstances, the Zero-Waste Challenge is postponed. Citizens interested in making efforts to reduce waste at the source may refer to the reference list to learn more.

For full details, see the corresponding sections of the Waste Collection Guide.