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COVID-19 – In Pointe-Claire, we’re staying home!

The Pointe-Claire Youth Advisory Board reminds citizens to stay home to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

These young people are staying home for their families, their neighbours, their friends and their community. They keep in touch by phone and video chat.

Together, let’s continue to follow the instructions, by going out only when necessary, by staying two metres from people we come across and by washing our hands with soap as soon as we return.

Share their photo on your social networks to remind your friends and family that in Pointe-Claire, we’re staying home!

Front row: Christophe Kélada, Cassandra Gillen and Magali Shimotakahara

Second row: Patrick Martel-Eastmond and Vanessa Vincent

Third row: Jane Webber, Daniel-Jiajun Yu and Madeline Sparkes

Fourth row: Katie Marsolais and Mark Siou