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COVID-19 – New government measures and guidelines to limit the spread

In the current exceptional circumstances, the mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, is committed to facilitating access to general information and providing regular updates to Pointe-Claire citizens on the latest decisions by public authorities regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Accordingly, a summary of all the relevant information of the day will be posted regularly:

– The Canadian government is working to organize the repatriation of its nationals who are stuck abroad. A flight will be leaving Morocco this weekend and return flights are being organized for Peru and Spain. Nationals infected with COVID-19 will not be allowed to board chartered planes. It is not a given that they will be repatriated, due to the many countries affected, flight restrictions and the limited number of Canadians stuck abroad.

– The Canadian and Québec governments are stressing the importance of avoiding physical contact, maintaining social distancing in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 and refraining from non-essential travel, between neighbourhoods, between cities and between regions.

Québec government
– Premier François Legault is encouraging people to go outside for fresh air and to take walks alone.
– For schools, the most optimistic scenario is a return to classes on May 1, 2020.
– Gatherings among family members or friends are still prohibited, since they are the most conducive to spreading the virus.
– If the voluntary contingency measures are insufficient, the government could order the closing of all businesses and stores, but it hopes to avoid this.
– The government also stressed that the vast majority of Quebecers are following the directives and hopes that it will not have to issue fines to citizens who disregard its directives. A social support plan will be announced soon.
– The premier announced that he is assessing, in conjunction with community organizations that provide assistance to the homeless, to women who are victims of conjugal violence as well as to families and people living alone who receive food, the possibility of replacing volunteers who are over 70 years of age with people who are unemployed who will be paid to replace them. Most of their volunteers are people over 70 years of age who are now confined to their homes on a voluntary basis as a protective measure.
– The number of people infected will increase over the next few days now that more testing can be done daily.

“In keeping with the Québec government, we would like to remind citizens that every gesture to reduce physical contact counts in terms of limiting the potential spread of the virus, and can save lives. Together, let’s continue to follow the directives regarding isolation, social distancing and encourage local businesses,” said the mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere.