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Decrease in the density authorized for a sector of the city centre to promote harmonious urban integration

At a special meeting held on December 15, Mayor John Belvedere and the members of City Council unanimously adopted a first draft by-law aimed at ensuring that new construction seamlessly blends in with surrounding neighbourhoods in a sector of the city centre.

The targeted multi-family residential zone (Rf6) is located in the area bound by Hymus and Saint-Jean boulevards and Chaucer and Maywood avenues. This draft amendment to the Zoning By-law (PC-2775) proposes that, for any future development project in this sector, the maximum building height be lowered from 10 to 6 storeys, and the maximum floor space index, i.e., the ratio between the total floor area and the lot, be reduced.

For this specific draft by-law, the adoption process involves a written consultation due to the pandemic, which will be conducted from December 23 to January 8. Two public notices will be published on this subject in a local newspaper and on the Public Notices page of the City’s website, on December 23 and January 6.

These amendments are subject to referendum approval following the adoption of the second draft by-law, planned for January 19 at the regular meeting of City Council.

Despite this change, the project currently under examination will be analyzed according to the previous zoning.