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Demystifying the work of Public Works crews

National Public Works Week 2021

Every year, municipalities across Canada celebrate National Public Works Week in May. This year, to mark this week, the City of Pointe-Claire is inviting citizens of all ages to submit their questions in order to:

  • learn more about the various jobs in a city’s public works department;
  • better understand the work that is done on a daily basis by the men and women who make up the various Public Works crews; and
  • see your City from a different perspective.

We will select some of the questions to answer in an original way, so that you can understand, see and observe the work that is done on the territory! Hurry, you have until April 9 at noon to submit a question.

Send us your question by private Facebook message and include your name, address and district. If the question is from a child, please let us know their age. This information is requested for information purposes only.*

We look forward to hearing from you!

*By submitting a question, you authorize the City of Pointe-Claire to use it in a publication (newsletter, poster, etc.), promotional document or on its online platforms (social media, website, etc.).