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Dollard-Morin Sports and Recreation Volunteer Support Award – Pointe-Claire receives the highest distinction awarded by the government of Québec

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, is proud to announce that the City has won the Dollard-Morin Sports and Recreation Volunteer Support Award, the highest distinction from the government of Québec, for Your Block, a program for seniors in the community.

“We are proud of this award, which highlights Pointe-Claire’s commitment to offering better programs, services, and events that are adapted to the needs of our community. Your Block promotes the leadership, wisdom, and knowledge of our seniors to reduce isolation and encourage their well-being,” stated Mayor Belvedere.

The benefits of Your Block are twofold. The program allows residents age 65 and over to host information sessions for Pointe-Claire seniors about topics they care about and that are relevant to them, including personal or professional experiences, passions, and knowledge. Supported and supervised by the City, these volunteers organize and host their workshop to participants in a room offered by the municipality.

Your Block won the Excellence award from the Association québécoise du loisir municipal (AQLM) in the “support for volunteering” category, presented during the 19th Conférence annuelle du loisir municipal, held in Québec City on October 4. The City also won the “Social Development” award at the Mérite Ovation municipal contest organized by the Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ) in 2016 for its Aid for Seniors Program.

“In Pointe-Claire, volunteering and community involvement are strong values that unite us and help to improve quality of life. These awards are proof of our common commitment to offer the best services for everyone,” said Mayor Belvedere in conclusion.

The Dollard-Morin Sports and Recreation Volunteer Support Award was presented in the Red Room of the Parliament of Québec by the Minister for Education, Ms. Isabelle Charest (second from the left) to the mayor of Pointe-Claire, Mr. John Belvedere (in the centre), with Ms. Alyssa Barrette, Aid for Seniors Clerk (on the left); Ms. Kathleen Finn, Community Support and Aid for Seniors Manager; and Mr. Mathieu Lapierre, Director of the Culture, Sports, Leisure and Community Development Department.


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