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Fight against the emerald ash borer infestation – New furniture made from repurposed ash wood for municipal buildings

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, and the members of City Council are proud to unveil new furnishings at certain municipal buildings. These rocking chairs, which were designed and made to measure, are made from recovered and repurposed ash wood in Pointe-Claire.

“This is another one of our initiatives focused on sustainable development and gives a second life to valuable wood,” stated Mayor Belvedere.

This program was implemented by the City to repurpose wood from ash trees, which have been devastated in America for nearly 20 years by the emerald ash borer, an insect from Asia. Last year, 325 mature ash trees had to be felled due to their general health, state of deterioration, structure, or location. Due to their state, these ash trees did not qualify for preventive treatment with TreeAzin in order to fight the emerald ash borer. To replace them, 800 trees will be planted this year.

For the repurposing project, trees located on public land, along curbs, in front of homes or in parks were recovered and sent to the Public Works Yard, where they were transformed into planks. They were then stored and dried before being used to create the furniture.

The original design was created to be unique to Pointe-Claire, and a non-profit organization that works to reintegrate young people in society and in the job market was hired to make the furniture. These young woodworkers made the 13 rocking chairs at the Central Library and at the Stewart Hall Cultural Centre. Approximately ten ash trees in total were repurposed for this project. A counter and a fireplace were also created for the Central Library.

The City also recovers residual ash wood by transforming it into wood chips that are used in the paths at Terra-Cotta Natural Park and landscaping work throughout Pointe-Claire.

“We are proud of these new furnishings at certain municipal buildings and of this original initiative focused on sustainable development allowing us to repurpose our ash wood while giving back to the community,” said Mayor Belvedere in conclusion.


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