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Update: Planting begins at the corner of Maywood and Donegani Avenues

Update: June 6, 2022

The City of Pointe-Claire is happy to inform you that tree planting is in progress at the corner of Maywood and Donegani Avenues. 67 Indigenous trees of various species will be added to the 18 existing trees.

To preserve and maintain the canopy over the territory, it was decided to transplant seven trees to this location and another on the edge of the new parking lot instead of cutting them down to allow work on the extension of the bike path along Cedar Park station.

This work reflects our determination to limit heat islands and multiply sustainable practices to increase the resilience of our territory and community.

May 11, 2022

First eco-responsible parking lot in Pointe-Claire

The City of Pointe-Claire will develop a parking lot at Public Works whose infrastructure will limit heat islands by planting trees and plants while promoting the natural management of rainwater.

2000 plants and 125 trees

The new parking area will feature abundant greenery and many planting areas. Some 60 trees will be positioned in the parking lot to create maximum shade on the surface, replacing the 13 trees that will be cut, many of which are diseased. One tree will be relocated. An additional 2000 plants will contribute to greening the space and creating a plant screen.

Moreover, this work will be an opportunity for a massive planting west of the parking lot at the intersection of Donegani and Maywood Avenues. At the same time, 67 trees will be added to the 18 existing trees.

In order to reduce the heat islands emanating from large urban surfaces, pale-coloured paving stones were favoured alternately with asphalt, which reduces heat retention. Four spaces with charging stations will be reserved for electric cars, and four additional spaces and charging stations are planned. Four spaces will also be reserved for people with reduced mobility and a pedestrian path will cross the lot.

Filtering dirty water

Five small rain gardens will be incorporated to collect and filter water to prevent dirty surface water from the parking lot to flow directly into the sewers. In addition, the garden vegetation will help transform this zone into an ecological environment. Nest boxes to house American Robins will be installed.

By making eco-responsible choices for its new parking lot, the City is creating a new reference model to integrate more eco-responsible elements into its future constructions. These practices are part of our determination to multiply sustainable practices to increase the resilience of our territory and community. Work will begin in May and end with the planting phase in September.

This work is required to upgrade the municipal garages in the Public Works yard, which maintain and repair the City’s fleet of vehicles. Renovations and an extension to the current building are also necessary to compensate for the lack of space.

Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca