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Former illegal PCB storage site

Just Invest Inc. begins soil characterization work

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, wants residents to know that soil characterization work has finally been undertaken by Just Invest Inc. on the site where polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were once illegally stored, at 86 Hymus Boulevard, and on adjacent lots.

The work began today and will continue over the next few weeks. The company responsible for the site has undertaken to submit a site rehabilitation plan within the next four months to the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change (Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, or MDDELCC).

“Residents of Pointe-Claire have been very patient since this illegal storage site for toxic products was discovered three years ago,” says Mayor Trudeau. “Since then, Pointe-Claire officials have cooperated with the Ministry and with high-ranking Ministry officials to make sure the site will be decontaminated despite all the legal issues.”

According to the mayor, “The site itself, and adjacent lots if necessary, must be completely rehabilitated. This is what’s important to us. The government has been committed to this ever since the illegal storage of PCBs was discovered in 2013, and Minister Heurtel has guaranteed that the work will be carried out as required by his Ministerial Order. He will make sure that it is closely monitored – and so will we.”

Samples are currently being collected to assess soil on public and private land. In January, government approval will be required for the rehabilitation plan submitted by Just Invest, and the company will then be required to carry out this plan at its own expense.

According to Montréal’s public health agency, the Direction régionale de santé publique, contaminated soils on the site do not represent any kind of hazard for residents living nearby or for people working for companies on adjacent lots, and this has been the case ever since the toxic products once stored on the site were removed in 2014.


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