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Halloween: safety first

Given the weather conditions expected, the City of Pointe-Claire recommends that you keep your Halloween decorations up until November 1 so that children can go trick-or-treating if they don’t get a chance on October 31 due to the bad weather.

We ask the entire community to be vigilant on the streets and kindly welcome children on both Thursday, October 31 and Friday, November 1.

Here are a few tips to keep kids safe:
– Opt for light-coloured, flame-resistant costumes with reflective strips to help make your children more visible.
– Avoid costumes that are too long and could cause children to trip.
– Choose makeup instead of masks or any accessory that could hinder vision.
– Use a flashlight to improve visibility.
– Accompany your children.
– Use the sidewalk.
– Cross streets at intersections and crosswalks.
– Look both ways before crossing the street.
– Only visit houses that have their lights on.
– If children are trick-or-treating with friends, agree on a route and time to be back home
– Inspect candy at home before eating it and throw away treats with open wrappers

All road users should be vigilant at all times.

To promote a safe Halloween for children with allergies, Allergies Québec has, for the past several years, suggested painting a pumpkin teal to show kids that you give out allergy-free candy or non-food treats. This helps ensure everyone can have fun at Halloween.

Please dispose of your pumpkins in your organic waste bin after Halloween since they are compostable.

Happy Halloween!