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High water levels – Ministerial permission to allow businesses to open on Sunday and update on the situation

The Government of Québec has exceptionally authorized businesses to open tomorrow, Sunday, April 21, even though it is Easter, in order for residents to procure necessary goods given the circumstances.

The City of Pointe-Claire has taken the initiative to notify several businesses of this ministerial permission, asking them to open their doors tomorrow. As a precaution, we encourage you to contact businesses directly to ensure they are open. We have been informed that Walmart, located at 95 Hymus Boulevard in Pointe-Claire, will be exceptionally open this Sunday.

Moreover, the City of Pointe-Claire would like to remind you that the water levels in Lake Saint-Louis are being constantly monitored and that all response equipment and teams are ready if needed.

“We are present and active in the field to ensure the safety of our residents. We are ready to respond quickly and we are constantly monitoring changes in the situation,” stated the mayor of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere.

According to data from the Government of Québec, the water level in Lake Saint-Louis is below the lower flooding threshold of 22.45 metres. However, the water level reached 22.12 metres at 7:45 a.m. and is rising.

Here are the preventive measures taken by the City up to now:

  • Our teams have gone door-to-door and distributed letters in order to inform residents whose property is located in an area at risk of the actions that should be taken quickly, depending on how the situation changes;
  • Pallets of sandbags have been delivered to addresses with a risk of flooding;
  • A temporary command poste has been set up in Pointe-Claire Village;
  • The water level is being constantly monitored;
  • A written request has been sent to some businesses in Pointe-Claire to inform them of the ministerial permission to maintain their activities on Easter Sunday in order for residents stock up on supplies if needed.

The persons in charge of emergency measures at the City of Pointe-Claire are in contact with the Centre de sécurité civile at the City of Montréal to monitor changes in the situation.

To track changes in the water level in Lake Saint-Louis: https://geoegl.msp.gouv.qc.ca/adnv2/tableau-station.php?id=02OA039

To track changes in bodies of water that are being monitored due to a risk of flooding: https://geoegl.msp.gouv.qc.ca/adnv2/

Depending on how the situation changes, you can contact Inspection – Public Security at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week): 514-630-1234, secpub@pointe-claire.ca.