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Household waste collection – Good practices encouraged

In order to comply with the commitment of the community and the government targets in terms of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and recovering waste, we would like to remind residents that using a compliant container is required for the household waste collection every two weeks.

The green and blue rolling bins with the City logo, which are provided free of charge, must be used only on Mondays for the organic waste (green) and recyclable material (blue) collections, according to the By-law Respecting Collection and Transportation Services of Residual Materials (PC-2864).

It is also strictly prohibited to modify or alter the City’s rolling bins.

You may be fined $200 to $2,000 for any violation of the by-law.

If you would like to use a rolling bin for your household waste collection on Tuesday every two weeks, you must purchase one in store, preferably in a colour other than green or blue in order to avoid any confusion.

Any other container, such as a metal or plastic garbage bin or a bag, is accepted.

All of these actions are part of our vision focused on sustainable development for current and future generations.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Public Works Department
514-630-1230, tp@pointe-claire.ca