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Hydro-Québec – Maintenance work near transmission lines

Description of work

In the next two weeks, Hydro-Québec will carry out vegetation control work in a transmission line right-of-way located north of Highway 20 along the railroad tracks.

These rights-of-way are maintained to ensure public safety and prevent power outages. When vegetation is growing too close to a power line, electric arcing can occur, which could cause serious injuries to anyone nearby or even start a fire.

These planned operations are being carried out as part of regular right-of-way maintenance work. This work involves the use of power shovels equipped with industrial brush cutters to control vegetation incompatible with transmission system operation. The branches will be shredded into mulch and left on site.

Impact of the work

  • Noise produced by the equipment used
  • Workers accessing Hydro-Québec’s servitudes


  • Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Questions about the project?

Info-project line
514 385-8888, ext. 3462


Thank you for your understanding

In case of an outage or emergency, you can contact Hydro-Québec at any time, day or night, at
1 800 790-2424