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Ice storm: clean-up information

The ice storm of the last few days had a great impact on the territory of the City of Pointe-Claire. Measures were quickly taken by the Municipality to support citizens in this exceptional situation. The City is providing this information message to answer the most common questions from citizens.

Collection of branches

The special collection of branches is underway. Our teams are on the ground 7 days a week to carry out this collection. However, due to the large volume of branches on the territory, a longer delay than normal is to be expected.

We ask that you deposit your branches, 10 centimetres in diameter or less, at the curb. The cut part must face the street in order to make it easier to pick it up during the collection.

Branches larger than 10 centimetres in diameter can be dropped off at the Ecocentre, which will be held tomorrow, April 15th at the Public Works yard.

Private trees

For private trees that are damaged and may need to be felled, a permit application must be submitted to the City. Permission must be obtained before any work is undertaken or a contractor is hired. Due to the high volume of calls we receive, we encourage you to apply online through the City’s website and submit photos to expedite the processing of your application.

If your tree needs to be inspected or pruned, you must contact an arboricultural company. You can consult the International Society of Arboriculture Quebec website to find a contractor: siaq.org (https://www.siaq.org/l-arboriculture/recherche-de-professionnel/). After the work is completed, it will be the contractor’s responsibility to recover the branches.

Public trees

For damaged public trees located on the municipal right-of-way of your property, if an application has not yet been submitted, please inform us by email at tp@pointe-claire.ca. Otherwise, there is no need to call again, the Public Works Department will take care of the work on a priority basis.

Repair or replacement of a collection bin

Your bin may currently be cracked due to weather events. Recycling and organics bins are provided by the City. You can submit a request for replacement or repair. To do so, we invite you to share a photo of the damaged area and provide the serial number of your bin when you fill out the form on the City’s website.

Outdoor walking in wooded areas

With the arrival of the warm weather, citizens are encouraged to take advantage of the City’s green spaces. The canopy of wooded areas, including Terra-Cotta Nature Park, is currently completely weakened. We advise you to remain cautious and vigilant during your walks in nature.

Reservation of a tree for Earth Day

Following the loss of a tree, you wish to replace it? We remind you that as of April 17, 2023, the reservation of a tree, free of charge, will be offered to citizens as part of Earth Day.

If you wish to replace one of your damaged trees, you can register by filling out a reservation form on the City’s website. In the meantime, a description of the tree species being offered this year is on the website.