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Inauguration of a new mural in Seigniory Park

The City of Pointe-Claire proudly inaugurated a new temporary mural at the Seigniory Park on September 28.

During the month of August, a mural exploring the meaning of community, living together and intergenerational ties was painted, in collaboration with the L’abricot collective, on to the four walls of the storage building at the heart of the park.

Community members of all ages were invited to participate in the ideation and creation of this cultural mediation project, initiated by the Stewart Hall Art Gallery.

Mayor Tim Thomas, councillors Tara Stainforth, Cynthia Homan and Bruno Tremblay were present for the occasion, along with the artists and their families.

From left to right: Catherine Ouellet-Cummings and Julien Boisseau, members of the collective L’abricot, and Tim Thomas, Mayor of Pointe-Claire.
From left to right: Julie Paquin, Manager – Art Gallery, Kathleen Finn, Manager – Community Support and Aid for Seniors, Tara Stainforth, Councillor District 4 – Cedar Park Heights, accompanied by her daughter, Emily Santizo-Pépin, Communications agent, Véronique Juneau, Manager – Cultural and Educational Mediation, Linda Marics, Micheline Belanger, Senior Manager – Arts, Culture and Library, Patricia Boyer, Carmen Varela, Ella Suhl accompanied by her mother, Bruno Tremblay, Councillor District 6 – Seigniory, Julien Boisseau and Catherine Ouellette-Cummings, members of the collective L’abricot, accompanied by their son and Catherine Ouellette-Cummings’ mother, Gilles Girouard, Assistant City Manager, Cynthia Homan, Councillor District 5 – Lakeside Heights.