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Inauguration of the new mural at the Pointe-Claire Public Library

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Tim Thomas, and the members of the City Council proceeded yesterday evening to the inauguration of the new mural at the Pointe-Claire Public Library. For the occasion, they were accompanied by the young artists at the heart of this work, members of their families and artists from the organization MU, which led the activity.

During the fall, seven young residents of Pointe-Claire created a mural on the theme of cultural diversity, guided by artists from the organization MU. The young people were involved in both the ideation process and the creation of the work.

“It is a source of great pride to see the young people of Pointe-Claire using their talents to promote the spirit of community, inclusion, and sharing that characterize our city, where each person contributes in their own way,” said Mayor Tim Thomas.

Located in the youth section of the Central Library, this mural is painted on the wall overlooking the youth info station. It features the city, highlighting the contribution of each person who adds their new colour. The characters don shapes illustrating differences and particularities. As a whole, these varied colours and forms present new perspectives, thus shaping our society. They also symbolize the transmission of cultures and the contribution of individuals to their city.

During the ceremony, the mayor invited the young artists to each sign the wall to immortalize their artistic contribution to the city. He also unveiled the plaque for the work.

In May 2020, the Library received first prize in the French-language category from the 2019 TD Summer Reading Club Library Awards for all of the activities organized in the summer of 2019. The library chose to create a mural on its walls to allow all young people to take advantage of this prize.

The City Council members and the artist at the inauguration : (from left to right) Olivia Mezey-Radinovic, Ruth Tankam, Mr. Bruno Tremblay councillor district 6, Chiara Bramante, Anna Schvarzman, Taylor Nigoghosian, Ms. Kelly Thorstad-Cullen councillor district 3, Ms. Cynthia Homan councillor district 5, Borrris the artist from MU organisation, Dario Tankam, Mr. Tim Thomas, mayor of Pointe-Claire, Charlotte Tankam et Mr. Paul Bissonnette councillor district 2


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