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Inauguration of the new Terra-Cotta chalet

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, and members of City Council officially inaugurated the new Terra-Cotta chalet recently. Representatives of organizations and schools in Pointe-Claire were also in attendance.

“It is always a pleasure to inaugurate a new building that offers improved facilities that are better adapted to the needs of families, children, athletes, schools, associations, and persons with reduced mobility,” stated Mayor Morris Trudeau.

The project has doubled the total area of the chalet, now complete with four fully equipped changing rooms, a large conference room, a room for referees and coaches, and restrooms that are accessible from outside the chalet.

The complete renovation of the chalet included repainting the building, modernizing the changing rooms according to updated standards, adding storage spaces, and making the chalet even safer with personalized access.

Elementary and high schools, as well as community sports and leisure associations partnered with the City, can reserve the conference room. The changing rooms are available for any organization that reserves one or more nearby sports facility.

“We want to make the Terra-Cotta chalet and its outdoor sports facilities ideal venues for sports associations, schools, and the entire community. These renovations are part of our strategic plan to continue to improve our facilities and quality of life,” said Mayor Trudeau in conclusion.


Members of City Council before the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the official inauguration of the Terra-Cotta chalet.

From left to right: Jack Beaumont, Councillor for District 8; Dennis Smith, Councillor for District 7; Cynthia Homan, Councillor for District 5; Mayor Morris Trudeau; Aldo Iermieri, Councillor for District 4; Kelly Thorstad-Cullen, Councillor for District 3; Jean-Pierre Grenier, Councillor for District 6; Paul Bissonnette, Councillor for District 2; and Claude Cousineau, Councillor for District 1.



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