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Information session about the fight against the emerald ash borer

19The City of Pointe-Claire invites residents to a public information meeting on the fight against the emerald ash borer, which will be held at City Hall on Thursday, February 22, at 7 p.m.

The emerald ash borer is an insect from Asia that threatens over 8,000 ash trees on public and private property in Pointe-Claire. Of the 4,000 ash trees listed on public land in 2015, with the exception of Terra-Cotta Natural Park, 1,426 trees were treated over two years, 985 were felled, and 2,100 new trees were planted as part of our strategy to fight the emerald ash borer.

It is important to act quickly and treat healthy ash trees or fell infested trees to protect our urban forest.

During the meeting, you will learn more about:

  • ways to protect your ash trees
  • grant programs for preventive treatment
  • grant programs for felling
  • actions the City is taking to protect ash trees on public land

To register, contact us by email at communications@pointe-claire.ca or by phone at 514-630-1200.