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Insect hotel

Come see different insect species at the new insect hotel at the Pointe-Claire Public Library, Valois branch, located at 68 Prince-Edward Avenue—a project created in collaboration with the Ecomuseum Zoo.

This hotel offers new habitats for the different species, promotes biodiversity by attracting pollinators and raises the community’s awareness of the crucial role of insects for the environment. They are valuable for preserving the natural food chain; without pollinators such as bees and butterflies, we would lose most food products and plants.

This structure also provides shelter for insects, giving them a safe place to rest. You can observe several species, including ladybugs, wasps, solitary bees, butterflies, moths and many others, and learn more about insects’ cycle of life with the interpretive sign.

Some species visiting the hotel also contribute to pest control. Ladybug and wasp larvae, for example, feed off pests such as aphids and flies.

Make your own insect hotel

You can make your own hotel using untreated wood and old material.

Here are a few tips:

  • The structure should be at least 6” deep.
  • It should be closed in the back with a grid or opaque surface to protect the insects from birds.
  • Add a roof to prevent water damage.
  • The hotel can include several compartments from equipment found at home, such as paper, wood, cardboard, pine cones, etc. Placing rolled paper and wooden pieces with holes in them inside the compartments can also attract a greater variety of species.
  • The hotel should be placed in a sunny area; you can hang it up or leave it on the ground.
  • At the end of the summer, the hotel should be cleaned to remove any fungus or debris.
  • Materials should be replaced every two years.