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Interim control of construction projects – Mayor Tim Thomas promotes a harmonious development of Pointe-Claire

Offence could be taken to the recent targeted attack on a mayor attempting to represent the best interest of all citizens.

In line with the democratic choices expressed by the population, City Council (not just the mayor) unanimously passed an interim control resolution three months after its election to counter rushed development.

“We understand the commercial impatience of some developers, but this race for development should not lead to a decline in our quality of life, our environment, or create traffic congestion on our main boulevards (and residential roads linked to them) where we already observe traffic flow issues,” emphasized Mr. Thomas.

According to the administrative officials responsible at the City of Pointe-Claire, Cadillac Fairview did not submit official plans for their project worthy of consideration for a building permit prior to the decision to implement the interim control measure.

The interim control measure is a legal option to temporarily stall rampant development and is being used by the city to give the citizens a say through public consultations on how they want their city to look going forward and to play a role in drawing up their city’s new urban plan.

Other cities have used it effectively to slow the pace of development such as Sainte-Anne-de- Bellevue, Hudson and Dorval, who just voted one in last week.

Allowing Cadillac Fairview’s design as it currently is drawn up, with 25-27 story buildings, will open up the possibility of other developers acquiring the right to design buildings of the same magnitude, so it is essential that we hear from citizens and draw up a new urban plan before more development goes forward.

“As mayor, it is my duty to listen to the population and work to make sure our city reflects our community’s needs and aspirations. This freezing of development is temporary and valuable. It will enable this essential stage of reflection and planning of our city by our population to achieve respectful and sustainable development,” concluded the mayor.