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Legal action against the demolition of the former resto-bar Le Pionnier – City authorities respect the proceedings but believe they are unfounded

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, and the members of City Council respect the rights of citizens to oppose, even in a court of law, the decisions made by the City. At the same time, the elected officials remind residents that the City always acts in accordance with laws and regulations and in the best interests of the population.

“For months, the file of the demolition of the former resto-bar Le Pionnier has stirred the emotions of a group of citizens. We recognize their passion and respect their legal proceedings, even if we believe they are unfounded,” stated the mayor on behalf of the elected officials and municipal administration.

City Council heard and read all of the representations that had been made in the file of the former resto-bar Le Pionnier. Several external and professional validations were made to check whether the objections that had been raised were well founded.

An evaluation performed by professionals confirmed that the building had no heritage value to protect. There is also no government or municipal recognition or classification justifying its preservation.

“We have ensured that the best interests of all have been respected in the interest of general law and of the people involved. This file advanced slower because we needed to verify all aspects properly. This was important for us, and it was done,” said Mayor Belvedere.

That being said, and in accordance with the ongoing legal proceedings, the members of City Council and the City Manager’s Office will await the decision of the court before reacting any further.

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