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Major work to resume and trees required to be felled in order for the reconstruction of Hymus Boulevard to be completed

Major work will resume on Monday to complete the reconstruction of Hymus Boulevard, between Manfred and Delmar Avenues.

This work is required in order to install two rainwater retention basins and improve safety in the area. With a total capacity of 3,000 cubic metres, these basins will reduce water accumulation during periods of heavy rainfall, which are becoming more and more frequent due to climate change.

These basins with a total area of 5,250 square metres must be installed at curbside due to existing municipal infrastructure under the roadway. Unfortunately, in order to do this, 75 trees along Hymus Boulevard will have to be felled. Starting in 2019, they will be replaced during the planting period with smaller trees due to the basins and quick-growing shrubs to increase vegetation and maintain privacy.

The work will consist of rebuilding the roadway and sidewalks, installing two rainwater retention basins, developing a bicycle path on the south side, and replacing street lighting, and will continue until November.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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